Henry Blofeld

“Blowers” is one of the best known and best loved sports’ journalists of all time. With his trademark bow-tie, his unmistakably fruity tones and his delightfully idiosyncratic observations, both on and off the cricket field, Blowers has become a national institution. 

Blowers regularly tours across the UK with 2 individual shows: his one man live show TMS And All That and Memories of Test Match Special with Peter Baxter. He has also toured with Peter Baxter with Blowers & Baxters: Rogues on the Road, and Graeme Swann with Graeme Swann's Great British Spin Off with Henry Blofeld.

After nearly fifty years in the Test Match Special commentary box, Blowers announced his retirement in 2017. To celebrate he is touring the country with a brand new show, 78 Retired jam-packed full of unheard anecdotes from on and off the pitch. 

A natural raconteur Blowers is available for corporate functions and private dinners.

Website: www.henryblofeld.co.uk